Why Do Wrestlers Wear Wrestling Vests?

The uniforms of wrestlers often arouse heated debates. Wrestling vests are professional uniforms for wrestlers in the competition because the wrestling vests have a unique design that can protect the wrestlers from many injuries in the competition. The following is the specific function of the wrestling vest.

The reason why wrestling singlets are hotly debated is that they are usually designed to be more revealing. The reason for this exposure is that it prevents opponents from grabbing the uniform or accidentally getting their fingers in the fabric. The wrestling vest is also designed to provide the wrestler with maximum freedom when moving, without the risk of falling during the match.

The following advantages can help us better understand the design of pro wrestling vests

Prevent clothes grabbing

Grabbing clothes in wrestling is illegal because it will bring unfair results to the wrestler because in this way athletes can use this illegal grasp to defend and complete the wrestling. However, the design of the wrestling vest is very tight, which can prevent the occurrence of clothes grabbing.

Prevent injuries

If you wear loose clothing, the athlete’s fingers may get stuck in it, causing the fingers to break and misplace. Because the vest is very tight, it can prevent fingers from getting stuck, thereby preventing safe accidents

Unrestricted exercise

In wrestling, you need to be able to move quickly and explosively in many different directions. Wrestling vests are designed to promote freedom and movement, allowing wrestlers to move as they please without being restrained

Will not affect the progress of the game

Since wrestlers often move during the game, wearing an unreasonably designed uniform may cause the uniform to fall off, and thus have to stop the game. Then the design of the wrestling vest would not have this situation.

Ensure the fairness of the competition

More importantly, this type of clothing also makes it easy for referees to judge whether the wrestler is in violation. In the art of wrestling, wearing a vest is part of ensuring fairness in the game. In addition, it greatly promotes the correct execution of movements and techniques in wrestling matches.

Because of the design and tightness of wrestling vests, many women will stay away from the sport of wrestling. Female wrestlers can limit the exposure of the vest by wearing compression tops and shorts at the same time. At the same time, tights can also provide support for female wrestlers and increase their mobility, which will improve their wrestling performance.

Because of these advantages of wrestling vests, until this time, wrestlers will still wear vests in professional wrestling matches. If you want to obtain services related to wrestling suits after reading the above, please contact us. Kawasaki provides professional custom wrestling & MMA wear using light and breathable fabrics and provides professional customization services.

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