Why Do Cycling Clothes Need Maintenance?

Cycling jerseys are generally used when riding outdoors. Due to a large amount of exercise and environmental influences, cycling jerseys are subject to a certain degree of wear and tear, so regular maintenance is required. This article will specifically introduce the reasons why cycling clothes need maintenance.

Cycling clothes are the same as other functional uniforms with special fabrics. According to the needs of use, there are many types of cycling clothing, and the functional bias is also different. For example, seasonal cycling clothes made of different temperature-control materials according to the season and temperature, such as “endurance” or “supporting” fabric tailoring made according to sports needs.

Putting aside the vertical bias first, all qualified cycling clothes have basic functions such as quick-drying, perspiration, ventilation, support, and compression similar to other support or compression underwear.

In addition to fabrics, the factors involved in cycling clothing can play these corresponding functions and roles, as well as cutting, splicing methods, stitching types, and manufacturing processes.

And our daily use process is also a process of wear and tear on the fabric, shape and characteristics of the cycling jersey.

  • Cycling clothing has the full power of the fabric, such as breathability and quick-drying, perspiration and antibacterial, and sun protection, which will inevitably be greatly reduced as the fabric ages or is damaged.
  • Cycling jersey fabric has high resilience, that is, compression function, which provides effective support to muscles and enhances recovery. In addition to the effect of the elastic fibers in the fabric, this function also depends on the fit or tightness, whether the cutting and splicing are appropriate, and so on. Then the aging of the fabric, the elastic fiber wear and fracture caused by improper use, and the deformation will also affect the function of the cycling clothing.
  • In addition to being breathable and antibacterial, the cycling pants liner also functions as support, protection, and cushioning. Many factors affect the function of cycling pants, such as weight, tightness, friction with the seat, high-frequency expansion and contraction, sweat, frequency and time of use, and so on. The cushion will compress during use, and the touch and resilience will gradually decrease as the use time becomes longer.

In order to ensure that the functionality of the cycling clothes is not lost, we also need to pay attention to many things in the maintenance process. If you want to know more about cycling clothes or get related services after reviewing the above, you can get professional solutions by contacting us.

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