What Should We Pay Attention To When Maintaining Basketball Uniforms?

Basketball uniforms are indispensable in basketball games, with good sports performance. Unlike ordinary sportswear, basketball uniforms are very particular in design and fabric. Therefore, we must pay attention to the following items in the daily cleaning and maintenance process in order to extend the service life of the basketball uniform as much as possible.

1. Because the basketball uniform numbers are all embroidered, you must pay attention to the washing method when you wash it. It must be washed by hand, and the clothes should not be rubbed too vigorously to avoid rubbing the clothes vigorously to cause cracks in the number and name.

2. Hand wash with cold water as much as possible, a basin of clean water (the water temperature should not be too high), put a small amount of laundry detergent (powder), soak the basketball uniform for 10-15 minutes. The shoulder strap position can be scrubbed vigorously. (Don’t soak for too long, this will cause the basketball uniform to change color). Washing basketball uniforms in the washing machine is a very wrong way.

3. Basketball uniforms are not easy to get dirty, so we only need to remove sweat from the clothes after playing. If there are colloidal fonts on the clothes, be extra careful in scrubbing.

4. When drying basketball uniforms, please do not expose the numbers to the sun. You should turn the basketball uniforms into the air, which will help maintain the numbers.

5. When the basketball uniform is not worn, the clothes should be hung up for storage, do not fold, to avoid damage to the number.

6. If the printed part of the printed number appears to be lifted or peeled off, please cover the number and the body with plastic paper or wax paper (such as the reverse side of double-sided adhesive tape) in time, and iron for 6-10 seconds with an electric iron, such as If it is found to be not firm enough, hot stamp it again and extend the hot stamping time appropriately.

7. When storing, try not to fold it to the number. It is recommended to hang it on the wall or in the closet with a clothes rack. Use a plastic bag to wrap the basketball jersey after hanging it on a hanger, so as to prevent the clothes from coming into contact with dust. And it can avoid the number of wrinkles after folding up.

8. Another very important point is that the basketball jersey with the number printed on it must not be ironed directly. In this case, the number and the hot-stamped LOGO on the clothes will be easily dissolved and deformed due to the high temperature!

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