What Performance Does The Fishing Wear Need To Have?

Fishing is an activity that challenges oneself, challenges physical stamina, and takes suffering for pleasure. However, because of the high humidity of the inlet air and the large temperature difference between day and night, it is easy to cause some harm to us, so every angler should be equipped with a professional fishing suit. In order to maintain our good condition in fishing, fishing suits must have the following properties.

Water resistance

The fishing suit needs to have a certain waterproof function. Waterproof fishing clothes are divided into special waterproof fishing clothes and all-weather fishing clothes with certain waterproof abilities.

The special waterproof fishing suit is coated with high-quality cloth fabric as a waterproof glue layer, and the seams of the fishing suit are also coated with glue to make the fishing suit integrated to achieve the waterproof effect.


The fabrics of high-quality fishing clothes should be high-density materials, which have a good windproof effect.

Cold resistance

The quality of the fishing clothes material is the key to cold protection. The cold-proof fabric used in fishing clothes is often high-tech fabric, which can not only protect against cold but also has a very light texture. It does not feel bulky and bloated on the body to achieve the comfort of fishing.


Breathability is an important indicator of fishing clothes. Breathable fishing clothes are divided into two types: breathable material and breathable structure. The internationally popular waterproof and breathable material is the TEX material. This material is characterized by waterproof, breathable, and perspiration. This is the most fundamental difference from pure waterproof fishing clothes.

Breathable structure fishing clothing refers to the use of non-breathable waterproof materials. Through the ventilation design on the fishing clothing structure, ventilation openings are generally left under the armpits to achieve the purpose of ventilation.

In addition to the above-mentioned properties, fishing suits also need to have a certain degree of rationality in design. For example, the shoulders and knees parts need to be three-dimensionally cut to facilitate movement; the surface of the zipper should be processed with resin to prevent water intrusion; the underarms should be made of wear-resistant materials, and so on. High-quality fishing clothes are superior in terms of performance and details and have a longer service life than ordinary fishing clothes.

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