What Are The Common Jerseys?

Sweatshirts – Not only for professional athletes, exercise is important for everyone. By exercising regularly, you can stay healthy and your overall health is good. Start exercising for healthier older people from an earlier age. A short duration is enough. It is enough to keep your body healthy for 30 minutes each time. You don’t even need to do this every day. The 30-minute exercise will provide energy 48 hours in advance. So if you have a campaign on Monday, then the next time you exercise again is Wednesday, Friday, Sunday, and so on. This is why wearing a sweatshirt is a necessity for everyone. What kind of jersey do you need? Let’s look at the explanation below.

About sports jerseys


For material selection, jersey suppliers always provide materials that make the wearer feel comfortable while doing many moves. The comfort of the wearer is very important in creating a sweatshirt. If a jersey prevents athletes from exercising during a game or even just exercising, it is not a good product.


Each jersey has a different style to suit any need. The jerseys for football or five-a-side football and basketball games are always offered in separate projects for shirts and trousers. Unlike the jersey design of inline skates, there is always a suit type. The type of sweatshirt is also divided by the gender of the wearer. There are differences between men and women in Jersey.


When you buy for your personal needs or even for your team, you need to check the stitches on the jersey. Make sure the stitches are neat and precise. In addition to this, you need to check each connection of the sweatshirt. The tidal and strength of the stitches in these sections determine the durability of the jersey you wear because your support system is in a fit.


In the process of making a sweatshirt, our attention cannot be ignored. Design choices require a serious process because it requires the characteristics of the team. Make sure the main color is closely related to the team logo, vision and mission. Solutions for ordering custom jerseys are now widely available.

Based on the jersey type of the sports branch, here are a few short comments on popular Sweatshirts that are produced and sold in the market:

Football/soccer sweatshirt

Due to their usability, football shirts are divided into two types of jerseys, players are players and goalkeepers. The sweatshirt jersey consists of a sweatshirt and trousers, while the goalie jersey is made up of a jersey shirt with raglan sleeves and pants. The neck ribs feature a standard O-neck and a stylish V-neckline.

Basketball jersey

Almost the same as football jerseys, basketball jerseys also include top-of-the-line shirts and pants, standard O-neck ribs and stylish V-neck ribs. The significant difference is that it is sleeveless.

Volleyball sweatshirt

Volleyball jerseys are made up of top-quality shirts and trousers for short sleeves and sleeveless tops for men and women. The neck rib style looks like a V-neck with a little detail change.

Badminton wear

The design of badminton jerseys is very different from other sports such as football, basketball and volleyball. The basic style of jersey badminton has the precise appearance of a polo shirt, but it is made of jersey material. Badminton jersey is available in short sleeves and long sleeves.

Running jersey

The running jersey is simple in design with O-neck ribs and short sleeves at the top. It is also done with shorts of the same material. There are accessories on the market that can be used to install smartphones and faucets.

Cycling shirt

The cycling jerseys seen from the sleeves are available in short sleeves and long sleeves. Although based on zippers, it comes in two types, a half zip and a long zip.

Taking care of sports jerseys

Not only is information about how to choose the best jersey, but how to take care of it is also important. Here are some basic tips for taking care of sportswear:

Wash immediately after wearing

After putting it on, wash your beloved sweatshirt. If the stain that can be quickly washed becomes too strong, you don’t want it because you soak it under water for too long. This is why, after wearing it, soak it in detergent water for at least 15 minutes and then wash it by hand or in a washing machine.

Do not mix with other items

Suitable for white dominated sweatshirts. Separate the sweatshirt from other items to prevent stains during the soaking process or even during the washing process.

Avoid using brushes

The traditional washing method using the hand is still still the best choice. Although it is outdated, washing it by hand will make the clothes more durable. Avoid using a brush to clean the sweatshirt to make the fabric good.

Dried in the sun

This is a public secret that dries clothes in the sun to make the interior color last. Any clothes you wash, including jersey, are recommended to be wiped dry with the outside position inside. The heat of the sun can make the color of the clothes disappear faster. That’s why don’t forget to dry your clothes in this position.

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