Types Of Baseball Uniforms

Baseball uniforms have developed to today, and their types have been varied. It is not only the sports and leisure style when it first originated, but also the material, style and workmanship of baseball uniforms are constantly improving to meet the needs of different people.

  1. Embroidered Baseball Uniform
    • Embroidery is a highlight of baseball uniforms. The combination of the two is like a mixture of culture and street trends, full of literary atmosphere. The embroidery pattern embellished on the baseball uniform highlights the trend and fashion.
  2. Printed Baseball Uniform
    • Printed baseball uniforms have many expressions in style and pattern. For example, in the printing design of baseball uniforms, some floral patterns, flower patterns, and some cartoon patterns are all part of the presentation of printing designs. Many special totem logo designs are the most popular patterns for most people.
  3. Contrast Color Baseball Jersey
    • Relatively speaking, there are many styles of contrasting color baseball uniforms, and at the same time, the coordination of different colors can also add a sense of luxury. Contrasting color baseball uniforms can use a variety of colors to highlight the sense of luxury, giving people a sense of casual freedom.
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