The Complete Guide For Selecting Beach Shorts

Beach shorts are a kind of shorts suitable for beach activities and surfing, with the characteristics of quick-drying and lightness. We need to comprehensively consider its comfort according to factors such as quality, size, and version when purchasing. The following is a complete guide for selecting beach shorts.


Select according to length

You can choose shorts or half shorts. Shorts have less fabric and are more breathable and light, but they may accidental exposure if they get wet. The half shorts use more materials and more packages and are not as breathable and light as shorts, but they are safe and not easy to accidental exposure.

Select according to waist design

Optional drawstring or elastic webbing. The former has no elasticity on the waist, and the size can be changed only by the drawstring, which can be adjusted to a large scale, but if the drawstring is loosened, the shorts are easy to fall. The latter is elastic at the waist, and it is not easy to slip off by changing the tightness of the elastic band, but it has restrictions on the size of the waist and is prone to strangulation.

Select according to fabric

100% polyester fiber

The quick-drying effect is good, but the air permeability is poor, it needs to have an inner mesh lining design to increase comfort.


It belongs to elastic fiber, has good flexibility, is convenient for water sports, and feels very light, and there is no sense of restraint in wearing.

Selection skills

  • High-quality products must not only ensure good quick-drying performance but also feel comfortable in the hand.
  • The product with an elastic waistband is preferred instead of multi-thread reinforced thread sewing products, because the elastic waistband is relatively strong and firm, and the size of the waist folds is the same, the elastic effect will be better.
  • Check the inner wiring, the stitches are required to be straight and flat, and the splicing parts are not wavy. Uniform placards are sewn on the inner mesh without twisting.
  • Gently pull the splicing part to observe whether there is yarn cracking and obvious pinholes.
  • Beach shorts are loose-fitting, but you should also pay attention to the size when purchasing, not too large or too small, otherwise, it will affect the comfort of the activity.
  • The beach shorts of professional brands have a clear role, such as surfing and swimming.
  • For lace-up beach shorts, the outer lace-up products are preferred for comfort.
  • Be sure to choose beach shorts with an inner crotch to prevent accidental exposure when playing in the water.


Beach shorts as looser as possible

Too loose beach shorts are easy to accidental exposure when playing in the water. It is best to choose beach shorts with a suitable waist and hip circumference.

Cotton beach shorts are better

Beach shorts need to be light and easy to dry. The cotton material will slowly dry after absorbing water, then it will be easy to fit the legs and feel uncomfortable to wear.

When we buy, we should not confuse beach shorts and swimming trunks. There is a big difference in the design and purpose of the two. If you have any doubts about the choice of beach shorts after reading the above, you can contact us for professional solutions. At the same time, our beach shorts fabrics are of high quality and excellent quality, which can meet your diverse needs.

As a professional manufacturer of customized sportswear, we have accumulated rich design and production experience in this field. We have a complete production team and flexible production lines and can provide corresponding customized services according to the diverse needs of customers. At the same time, we have also established a complete quality inspection system, which can carry out strict quality control against products. If you want to buy our high-quality beach shorts, please contact us immediately!

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