The Characteristics Of Different Fabrics For Cycling Clothes

Cycling is often carried out in outdoor scenes such as highways and mountain roads. Due to weather and environmental factors, the functional requirements of the fabrics of the cycling clothes will be very high. The following are the characteristics of different fabrics for cycling clothes.

Reticulated fabric

This is often referred to as honeycomb fabric or mesh fabric, which is the most common appearance. Its loose structure determines that it has excellent air permeability, and also determines its shortcomings that it is easy to snag. Cycling clothes made of this fabric are more suitable for road riding.

Thick mesh

Thick mesh fabrics are essentially different from fleece fabrics. There is no fluff in thick mesh fabrics, and the elasticity is better than thin fleece fabrics, but the warmth retention performance is slightly inferior to thin fleece fabrics.

Thin mesh

The fabric is thinner, more elastic, and more breathable, taking into account the performance of quick-drying, high elasticity, and abrasion resistance to the maximum. The thermal performance of the checked fabric cycling jersey is between the thick mesh fabric and the thin mesh fabric.

Check fabric

This is the plain weave fabric we often say. It has a compact structure and dense texture. Its advantage is that it is not easy to snag. The disadvantage is that the breathability is not as good as mesh fabric. Cycling suits made of this fabric are more suitable for mountain riding.

Fleece fabric

This is the brushed cloth we often say. The surface is covered with dense piles. It has excellent warmth retention. The disadvantage is that it has no elasticity and poor air permeability. It is generally only used in winter cycling wear. The reason for its selection is that it focuses on keeping warm in winter, and because it is not easy to sweat in winter, it ignores the need for quick-drying and breathable performance.

Thick fleece

The inner fluff is the thickest fabric in the cycling jersey. It is cumbersome to wear and has almost no elasticity, but it has the best warmth retention performance.

Thin fleece

The inner fleece has the same structure as the thick fleece cycling jersey, but the hair is slightly shorter, and the fabric is thinner than thick fleece fabrics, but it already has a certain degree of elasticity. Wearing this type of cycling Jersey can keep you warm while feeling lighter and more comfortable.

Through the above understanding of the various fabrics of cycling clothing, we can choose the most suitable cycling clothing according to the specific use and scene. If you want to learn more about cycling clothes after reading the above, you can contact us for more detailed solutions.

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