Purchasing Skills Of Soccer Uniform Sets

Football is a very intense sport because the design of custom football uniforms should be more professional considering the range of athletes’ movements. The following is the selection technique of soccer jersey sets.

Soccer coat

Collar inspection

If the soccer coat has a collar, observe whether the collar is symmetrical, not high, or skewed. The size of the collar should be close to the neck, and the collar should not be exposed. For a round neck, check whether the neckline is skewed, asymmetry, split, etc.


Check whether the sleeves are the same length and whether the seams are straight and flat.

Subject inspection

Whether the hem is symmetrical and the length is the same. Whether the position of the pocket is symmetrical, whether the shoulder blade is wide and comfortable, and whether the back fork is flat. Whether the shoulder seam is straight, there should be no unevenness or flatness.

Soccer pants

Plane inspection

First, pick up the trouser legs to see if the two trouser legs are the same in length. Observe whether the sewing thread is flat and well-balanced and whether there is any excess thread exposed. Look out for small holes and scratches in your pants.

Check the upper part

It mainly depends on whether the waist is straight, not fat, or tight. Whether the back pocket is compliant and flat. Whether the zipper is flexible.

Three-dimensional inspection

Lift the waistband of the trousers according to the wearing shape, and check whether the front and back seams are round and smooth and whether the trousers and seams are smooth and not broken.

Fabric inspection

The appearance and structure of the fabric

The lighter and thinner the fabric with larger pores, the cooler it will be, but there are some elastic fibers, such as chemical fiber and spandex, although they also have the characteristics of lightness, because it is an unimproved chemical fiber, it has poor air permeability. You should pay attention to the judgment when buying.

Check for defects

Whether there are obvious defects, chromatic aberrations, insects, rat bites, etc. If there is, it does not meet the quality requirements. Look at the clothing fabric composition of the label, and then judge by yourself whether the material of the clothes matches the label based on experience. If they do not match, they must give up, indicating that the clothing manufacturer is not formal and cannot buy it.


The elasticity must be good, and the tear resistance must be good. It must also have the strong anti-wrinkle ability.

Moisture absorption

The moisture absorption capacity should be strong. When playing football, sports members will sweat, and the sweat left along the body feels uncomfortable. The fabric of the custom soccer jersey should have the effect of absorbing sweat and breathable, so as to provide the athletes with a comfortable state of exercise.

We need to consider many factors when choosing a soccer jersey set. If you want to learn more about football uniforms after reading the above content, you can contact us. We will provide you with professional consultation and good solutions. At the same time, the football jerseys we produce are of high quality and good performance.

As a professional manufacturer of customized sportswear, we have many years of manufacturing experience. We always use high-quality fabrics to ensure sports performance. We have a flexible professional sportswear production line that can be customized according to your needs. If you want to buy our high-quality customized sportswear, please contact us immediately!

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