MLB Allows Players To Wear Customized Equipment

In a sense, baseball is really an old-school and rigid sport. MLB has strict regulations for athletes’ shoe color, bat design, and sleeve length.

Last weekend, at an event called “Players Weekend” by baseball fans, the baseball equipment worn by athletes will not be subject to such strict restrictions as before.

Players will wear jerseys of various colors, and the nickname chosen by each player is printed on the back of the jersey (whereas in the past, only their surname was printed on the jersey). The name of a person or organization is also written on the arm of the jersey. This name is a name that the player believes has had a significant impact on their life.

There are roughly three types of nicknames chosen by the players: humorous (the Seattle Mariners third baseman Kyle Seeger chose him as “Cory’s Brother” because his brother Corey Seeger is the Los Angeles Dodgers. ‘S All-Star shortstop, a bit self-deprecating that he is inferior to his younger brother); Unknown type (New York Mets catcher Travis De Arnold chose a “Lil D” as a nickname); Heart-warming type (Chicago White Sox) Team shortstop Tim Anderson printed the name of one of his late friends).

Kyle Seager’s jersey is printed with “Cory’s Brother” as a nickname. However, the true meaning of this activity can resonate with many players-so that players no longer suffer from those rigid traditions Regulations are bound. Players can wear their own customized sneakers and baseball gloves, and can use specially designed bats and other equipment. “I like this weekend’s activities very much,” said Dominic Smith, a rookie first baseman for the Mets. “This way you can give full play to your creativity. It’s your own person. Look at what kind of shoes they wear and what kind of shoes they use. The bat will become very interesting.” Smith added: “This weekend we are like playing a game between children. It feels great to be able to release the side of the child in our heart. I feel that this is really just a childhood baseball game, and I can’t feel that this is just a commercial arrangement.”

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