How To Clean Cycling Clothes Correctly?

If the cycling clothing is not properly cleaned and maintained, it will damage its sports performance and affect its future use. The following is the correct way to clean cycling clothes.

Timely processing

The sweat left in the cycling Jersey after exercise will cause bacteria to grow and cause corrosion to the fabric if it is not cleaned in time. Therefore, the cleaning cycle of cycling clothes should be “after each use”. If it is too late to clean it, at least put it in a ventilated place to dry to prevent the sweat from staying for a long time.

Wear it after washing

Cycling clothes that are not cleaned in time, sweat and dirt stay in them, which can easily breed bacteria. It will not only affect people’s riding state but also cause certain harm to human health.

Cleaning method

Choose a mild cleaning agent

Use warm water at most. Use a mild cleaning agent, with the fewer additives, the better as the standard. If you don’t sweat a lot, you can even use cleansers without soaking in water and knead gently. Do not use softeners, dye-containing lotions, and enzyme-containing lotions, as they will deform the elastic fiber.

Try to wash by hand

Do not wash the cycling wear violently, and try to wash them by hand to prevent damage to the fabric surface and fiber. Do not spin dry after washing. If you must wash it in the machine, you need to close the zipper, and the machine washes the reverse side of the bag, preferably a laundry bag with a skeleton.

Remove the peculiar smell

The use of isopropanol and white vinegar can effectively remove odor and antibacterial. Spray 70% isopropyl alcohol on the jersey and wait for it to air dry. Diluted white vinegar can be used to soak clothes, but it will leave the sour taste of white vinegar.

Air-dry in the shade

Cycling clothes are mostly made of quick-drying fabrics, which can be air-dried naturally in a ventilated place, and do not expose them to the sun.

Wash separately

Because there is a lot of sweat and dust on the cycling clothes, try to wash them separately. If there are other items such as cycling gloves with self-adhesive, try not to wash them together with the jersey-the self-adhesive may scratch the fabric of the jersey.

The first thing we pay attention to in the process of cleaning and maintaining cycling suits is not to damage the fabric of the cycling clothing, otherwise, it will seriously affect its sports performance. If you still have doubts about the cleaning method of cycling clothes after reading the above, you can contact us for more detailed solutions.

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