How To Clean Basketball Jersey?

Basketball uniforms are generally made of sweat-absorbing and breathable cotton fabric, or light and breathable gauze fabric. It has good elasticity and strong moisture absorption capacity, which is different from ordinary clothing, so we need to pay attention to some things when cleaning. The following is the specific cleaning method of basketball uniforms.

  • Strictly follow the washing water label for cleaning and care. It is not suitable to be exposed to the sun, it is easy to fade, and the fiber ages quickly.
  • Customized basketball jerseys must be hand-washed, not machine-washed, not rubbed too hard, and not lazy soaking. Do not hang when drying, because the knitted structure and mesh cloth are easy to deform after gravity stretch, so they should be laid flat to dry.
  • Do not wash with clothes with decorations and metal objects when cleaning, as it will easily break the surface of the clothes.
  • The basketball jersey is worn close to the body. It is recommended to wash the upper body once after purchase to remove some residues from the dyeing process on the clothes.
  • After using the basketball uniform, it should be cleaned in time. It should not be left for a long time. Sweat will corrode the fiber and cause damage to the fabric. It will also impregnate the fabric. For example, light-colored parts are prone to yellow stains.
  • Any customized basketball uniforms with fine hot stamping numbers or hot stamping patterns should not be washed and dehydrated in the washing machine, please wash by hand. Please do not use strong detergent to clean the hot stamping part, and do not scrub against the printing position.
  • If the printed number part is lifted or peeled off, please cover the number and font with smooth and non-stick plastic paper or wax paper (such as the reverse side of double-sided adhesive paper) in time. Use an electric iron to iron for 6-10 seconds. If you find that it is not firm enough, iron it again and extend the hot stamping time appropriately. Special attention: Do not let the electric iron directly touch the numbers and letters.

Proper cleaning can avoid premature wear and tear of basketball uniforms, thereby prolonging their service life. If you still have some doubts about the cleaning and maintenance of basketball uniforms after reading the above methods, you can contact us to obtain relevant information and solutions. And we also provide professional customized services.

As a professional manufacturer of customized sportswear, we always use functional fabrics to ensure the performance of sportswear. Years of manufacturing experience and professional production lines can provide customers with high-quality products and comprehensive solutions. If you want to buy our high-quality customized sportswear, please contact us immediately!

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