How To Choose The Right Hockey Jerseys?

Ice hockey is a highly competitive and even aggressive sport. Players often use their bodies and clubs to block opponents from advancing, so players must be equipped with appropriate clothing. The following are specific tips for choosing ice hockey uniforms.

Choose the right size according to the measured value

Chest width

Before ordering a hockey jersey, you need to take some measurements. In order to accurately measure the bust, please dress as if you are participating in the competition: wear underwear and shoulder pads/breast protectors. Then measure the fullest part of the chest.


Next, measure from the top of the shoulder pad to the hip. This is usually used to determine the length of a sweatshirt. This size is important for both players and non-players.

Sleeve length

Finally, extend the arms to both sides, measuring from the center of the back of the neck to the wrist. This is the value used to determine the sleeve length. If you buy your own jersey for a team game, make sure you know whether your team uses ¾ sleeves or full sleeves.

Choose high-quality fabrics

It is not recommended to choose pure cotton for ice hockey jerseys. Although pure cotton is comfortable, it is easier to absorb moisture and sweat a lot during exercise. The pure cotton material will be adsorbed on the clothes, especially in the cold season, it is easy to cause dermatitis or colds.

Most ice hockey uniforms are made of 100% polyester. Higher quality jerseys will strengthen the shoulders and/or elbows- additional layers of fabric are added to these high-impact areas.

It should be noted that if the trademark, clothing composition, washing logo are not fully specified, it means that the material of the ice hockey jersey has quality problems, and it is not recommended to buy it.

Add personalized customization to your jersey

Logos are typically found on the front chest and shoulders. However, they can also be placed on sleeves, bottom hems, and upper chest areas.

Most professional hockey teams will sewn fabric numbers on their jerseys and embroider many badges.

Kawasaki has flexible production lines and can provide professional customized services according to your diversified needs.

For players, the hockey suit is part of the entire equipment, so it should be loosely set on the protective equipment and provide free and unrestricted sports conditions. If you want to learn more about hockey uniforms after reading the above, you can contact us for professional solutions. At the same time, the hockey jerseys we produce are made of high-quality fabrics, which have very excellent sports performance.

As a professional manufacturer of customized sportswear, we have accumulated many years of manufacturing experience in this field. We have a strong R&D department and use specific functional fabrics to provide customers with excellent quality products. Our flexible production line and professional design team can also provide corresponding customized services according to customer needs. If you want to buy our high-quality hockey uniforms, please contact us immediately!

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