How To Choose The Right Cycling Clothes?

Whether you are a leisure rider or a competitive rider, a fitted cycling suit can make your riding experience more comfortable and sports performance better. The following are the factors to consider when choosing the right cycling clothing.


Cycling clothes have high requirements for fabrics, and different fabrics have different experiences when worn on the body. Spring and summer cycling clothes require cycling clothes tops to have the function of wicking perspiration and quick-drying and keep them dry in order to have better sports performance. In the hot summer, high-grade fabrics also have an anti-ultraviolet function, which can reduce the damage of ultraviolet rays to the rider. In winter, you can choose velvet and thick cycling clothes to keep warm.


A good cycling jersey top should fit the lines of the body, and the fabric should be elastic, not loose or tight. Too loose will lead to greater wind resistance, while too tight will make the muscles fatigue prematurely and cause discomfort. The cuffs should properly wrap the arm muscles, so as not to leave strangulation marks; in the road bike racing field that pursues speed and efficiency, a good cycling jersey should have good aerodynamics, which can save you energy on the field. Stay comfortable. Compressed fabrics can reduce muscle pressure. In the race against time, the jumpsuit is an excellent choice.

The manufacturing process of the cycling clothes also determines the quality of the jersey. Whether the fabric splicing is smooth and neat, whether the ventilating part is set reasonably, the storage pocket set, and many small details can show the advantages and disadvantages of a cycling jersey.


At the same time, the breathability of the cycling jacket is also very important. A good cycling jacket usually has meshes under the armpits to dissipate heat and avoid sweat retention.

Compressibility of cycling pants

Riding mainly relies on the movement of the legs, and most of the pressure is concentrated on the hips, so choosing good cycling pants is more important than a cycling top. The current mainstream cycling pants all have a strap design. The advantage of this design is that it can maintain the stability of the cycling pants during strenuous exercise and improve the efficiency of the waist and back.

In the thigh part, cycling pants should naturally wrap the thigh muscles and have a compression effect. The tightening mouth is often made of elastic fabric, so it is better to stick to the thigh during riding and not to slide up and down. Otherwise, prolonged friction may cause discomfort and reduce sports performance. If it is cropped trousers or trousers, it is best to give the calf muscles a sense of compression, so as to perform better in endurance riding. In addition, the perspiration and breathability of cycling pants are also essential.

Cycling pants pad

Whether the design of the trouser pads of cycling pants is reasonable will directly affect the cycling experience and physical health. Excellent trouser pads should be breathable and adequately supported, and will not give the private parts a sense of pressure. Some trouser pads will also be added with sterilizing silver ions to protect consumers’ health. Also, pay attention to the types of trouser pads, usually, men’s trouser pads are longer front and rear, and narrower left and right. For women, because the pelvis is wider than men’s, the trouser pads are shorter in the front and back and wider on the left and right. In different riding activities, such as a mountain, road, or triathlon competitions, because of different riding postures, resulting in different pressure distribution, you should choose different types and different intensities of pants pads.

The choice of cycling clothes is not only related to the comfort of wearing but also affects the safety issues in the riding process. If you want to know more about cycling clothes after reading the above, you can contact us to get the corresponding information and solutions.

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