How To Choose Basketball Jersey Material?

Basketball uniforms are clothing worn by athletes when they play basketball. The requirements for their fabrics are relatively strict, and they should not affect the physical activities of the athletes. Therefore, I will introduce how to choose the fabric of basketball uniforms from the following aspects.


Sports jerseys should choose sports technology fabrics, not pure cotton clothing. Clothing made of pure cotton is generally strong in sweat absorption, but poor in moisture desorption and overall comfort is poor. In the process of playing basketball, a lot of sweat will be discharged, and it should not be sticky on the body. Only when wearing comfortable clothes can athletes finish a game of basketball comfortably.

Generally speaking, polyester fabrics are used in basketball game uniforms and training uniforms. Polyester fabric has high strength, is not easy to mold and become brittle, not easy to fade, and is durable. Some high-end sports brands will use polyester fabrics with improved performance to make the jersey more breathable and moisture-absorbing. In addition, there are some jerseys that need to be adapted to high pull and large movements, and polyester stretch fabrics covered with polyester spandex are also used.


The fabric of the basketball uniform must have good elasticity and strong tear resistance. On the basketball court, body collision is inevitable, and it is also inevitable to rip at custom jerseys to express excitement after victory. The energy released during this period is also self-evident. So when choosing a basketball uniform, pay attention to wrinkle resistance, strong elasticity, and tear resistance.

Moisture absorption and quick-drying

In a fierce basketball game, a lot of sweat is produced, and every pitch is unavoidable. Even if the basketball hall is air-conditioned, if the sweat cannot be drained, it will still be uncomfortable. Therefore, basketball uniforms should have the effect of absorbing sweat and breathe, and provide athletes with a comfortable state of exercise.


The color of the athlete’s jersey is generally customized by the home team. The basketball uniforms are also agreed with the sponsor. They must not fade easily. The sponsor can obtain vested interests through the promotion of custom basketball uniforms, and the basketball team can also last for a long time. The business goes on. As a daily basketball uniform, the color fastness is reflected in not fading, and it must be beautiful.

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