How To Choose Baseball Uniforms According To The Fabric

There are three common baseball uniform fabrics on the market today: polyester fiber, velvet, and wool. Which one is more suitable for you?

Polyester fabric

This kind of fabric is made of natural or artificial synthesis, and the polymer compound is blended to make a more advanced fabric. Its advantage is that it has good abrasion resistance and good light resistance. It is also easy to clean, and it feels more comfortable and light after wearing it. Good gloss, the upper body effect is more eye-catching.

Velvet fabric

The baseball uniform of velvet fabric feels smoother and more delicate, and is generally combined with dark clothing. This kind of fabric is also a relatively hot clothing in recent years.

Woolen fabric

Woolen fabrics are usually wool or cashmere, which not only have good warmth retention, but also have better three-dimensional baseball uniforms. Plus rich velvet texture, can bring a sense of high-end charm. This kind of fabric is relatively rare in the market today, and the price is generally more expensive.

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