1. The traditional method of wearing is to buckle the middle button.
    2. Lightweight tops with dark wool trousers, second only to suits in formal occasions.
    3. For those who have thick legs or calves, choose a dark or straight sportswear. If you wear a warm leggings, you will be able to make it close to the thigh.
    4. If you have a large buttocks, you can wear a tight-fitting gymnastic dress with a particularly high leg. A belt will bring the line of sight to the waist and a pair of black or dark blue tights.
    5. Big chest, the texture of the sportswear should be flexible, supportive, long sleeves are good, avoid short sleeves.
    6. Too thin, can wear brightly colored horizontal sportswear, using belts and other decorations to emphasize the waist.
    7. Legs are too thin, should wear nylon sweat pants, so that the legs are fuller, plus warm leg sets, can beautify the leg shape.
    8. Flat chest, can wear a lace-up sportswear with a neckline, the color should be bright and full.
    9. Square shoulders, avoid sportswear with sleeves, should wear vest or front pleated style. Modern people like sports, and many girls also join the sport because of their need to lose weight, so it is essential to choose a sportswear that is good for you and healthy. Choosing the right sportswear can be done in the following ways:
      1. The rationality of color: Choosing sportswear should also pay attention to color. Because outdoor sports are inevitably exposed to the sun, in order to make the light beneficial to human health, wear sportswear should pay attention to color. For example, white, bright yellow and other light-colored clothing with low heat absorption should be selected in the summer. In winter, black, blue, red and other dark-colored clothing with high heat absorption should be selected. Ultraviolet rays in the sun can kill bacteria and promote human health, while the transmittance of ultraviolet rays decreases in the order of white, blue, purple, gray, yellow, green, red, and black. When wearing sportswear, you can choose a color with a high UV transmittance. In addition, those who are active on the road and joggers should wear high-visibility colors to avoid traffic accidents. When the black ground is the background, the yellow is highly visible; when the white snow is the background, the red and blue are highly visible.
      2. Suitable for the needs of the season: The requirements for sportswear vary from season to season. Summer sportswear should be light, thin, cool and have good breathability. Such vests such as silk sweatpants, vests and shorts of linen and cotton knitwear have such properties. Winter sportswear underwear should not hinder the evaporation of sweat, such as the use of flannel and combed wool products. The middle layer sportswear should be loose and contain a large amount of air, which does not hinder the evaporation of sweat. It can be made of wool or acrylic fabric. The outer garment should have good thermal insulation properties. Such as a variety of elastic knit fabrics and dense and breathable grosgrain and so on.
      3. Suitable for activities: If the sportswear is not suitable for the needs of human movement, the human body’s movement will be constrained and fatigue will occur. Therefore, when selecting, pay attention to the size and fit, the weight is small, the arching is small, and the various parts of the clothes must have certain flexibility. Secondly, it must have a good heat dissipation function. When people exercise, the body’s metabolism is accelerated, heat production increases, and sweating increases to meet the need for heat dissipation. This requires that the texture of the sportswear should be selected to be cotton, hemp, silk, and wool knitted fabrics with good moisture absorption and heat dissipation properties.
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