Do You Know What Are The Professional Fabrics For Cycling Clothes?

Cycling clothes are different from other outdoor clothing. Whether it is cutting panels, splicing methods, breathability, and flexibility, it is different from any sportswear design. The following is the main introduction to the materials used in professional cycling clothes, we hope you can choose based on your own consumption strength and the functionality you need.

Vaporize Moisture Transfer Fabrics

This material is known for its unparalleled breathability, the material has the effect of wicking sweat, quick-drying, and heat preservation. It is suitable for use in all seasons and belongs to personal clothing.

Most of these materials use polyester fiber materials and use double-sided different weaving methods. The inner material can quickly and effectively remove sweat from the body, allowing liquid to quickly penetrate the inner material and expand to the outer layer. The outer layer material accelerates the drying of the clothes through ventilation, so as to improve the comfort of wearing.

Solar UPF

This material is commonly known as anti-ultraviolet material. The garment has high-performance UPF resistance. The 50UPF label indicates that this material can effectively resist 50% UPF radiation.

Thermal and Thermal EX

This is a fleece insulation Lycra material. It has a good heat preservation effect and provides first-class ventilation function. It can keep the body dry while keeping heat. The multi-panel splicing design with 3D three-dimensional tailoring makes this insulation material cycling jersey also have a certain degree of stretchability, and will not be entangled with any stretching resistance during riding.

Especially Thermal EX is based on the former to thicken the fleece layer to resist the cold climate. All Thermal materials also have high-breathable polyester fiber materials, as well as surface water removal function. Thermal material is not particularly effective in wind resistance, but during intense riding, the body will generate heat, which can make up for this lack of air leakage.


This is a soft fleece sweater material, often used in winter mountain biking equipment. Of course, some road bike equipment is also in use, using 100% wool lining. Therefore, it has a very good thermal insulation effect, and at the same time, it can greatly improve the comfort of sports when used with high-permeability and quick-drying underwear.

In general, this fleece material has lower air permeability than the previous materials, but it can provide better insulation services. Similar to the Thermal material, the element surface also uses waterproof layer technology.


This is mainly a windproof technical material. It is widely used in clothing against cold winds. Due to the high density of materials, it can effectively resist strong winds. It is very practical for changing seasons or mountain climbing. It must be noted that Deflect is not a raincoat and cannot withstand prolonged or heavy rainfall. It just provides the most basic waterproof function.


Gore-Tex has the best air permeability among rain-resistant materials, and the manufacturing process is very strict. But everyone must pay attention to the two words shown in the manual, one is Gore-Tex waterproof and the other is Waterproof. They have the following basic differences. The former is 99% waterproof material, which can withstand long-term rainstorms. The latter only provides a short-term repairable waterproof function.

We hope that everyone can choose the correct cycling clothes for them by understanding the materials commonly used in these professional cycling clothes. The cycling clothes designed and manufactured by Kawasaki are made of super absorbent and perspiration-wicking fabrics, which are light and breathable, and have anti-ultraviolet, wind-resistant, breathable, and quick-drying functions. If you have a need for this, you can find relevant product information on our website to learn more.

Kawasaki is a professional customized sportswear supplier with many years of experience. Our products use high-quality raw materials and reasonable designs to meet the needs of users to the greatest extent. Our strict quality inspection system and thoughtful one-stop service have received good feedback from customers all over the world. We put customer needs first, and we also provide customers with comprehensive customized services. If you want to buy our cycling jerseys, please contact us immediately!

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