Different Materials And Characteristics Of Fishing Wears

Fishing wears are indispensable equipment for people who often fish. It can play a role in sun protection and dust prevention and help us avoid damage caused by some physical environments. The following are the different materials and characteristics of fishing wears.

Polyester fabric

At present, the material of sun protection fishing jerseys on the market is mainly polyester fabric. Polyester fabric is actually a relatively common fabric, and many umbrellas are made of polyester fabric. Of course, fishing wears and umbrellas are different polyester fabrics, and the properties of polyester fabrics made by different processes are different. The polyester fabric itself has poor moisture absorption and will feel stuffy when worn. Therefore, the polyester fabric used in fishing wears is generally made into a mesh for ventilation. Because polyester fabrics are low in cost, have excellent sun protection properties, and have a high-grade feel, they are very popular among merchants. Polyester fishing wears are still very cost-effective.

Polyester + functional materials

The basic material of some fabrics is polyester, and after adding functional materials, they become new fabrics with special functions.

Bamboo charcoal fabric

Bamboo charcoal masterbatch actually only occupies a small part of the fabric, and the main material of the fabric is still chemical fiber such as polyester. The bamboo charcoal factor in the fabric is just to improve some of the performance of the fabric, and the function of sun protection is mainly provided by polyester. The fabric added with bamboo charcoal will become soft, moisture-absorbing, and breathable.

Anti-mosquito cloth

The anti-mosquito cloth used for sunscreen fishing wears is generally added with anti-mosquito additives when making polyester cloth so that the cloth has the effect of anti-mosquito. If you often night fishing, you can choose this fishing suit.

Ice silk cloth

Ice silk is an ecological fiber, which is derived from nature and is better than natural. It has the essence of cotton and the quality of silk. It will produce a cool sensation when it touches the skin, and it is breathable and sun-proof, so this is a very suitable material for making fishing wear. Its elasticity is also very good. Some sun protection masks and sun protection sleeves are made of ice silk cloth. However, the sunscreen performance of ice silk is inferior to that of polyester. It will gradually harden after being worn for a long time, and the hand feel will not be soft. It needs to be washed with a special detergent.

Composite fabric

Some sun protection fishing apparel fabrics are compounded in two layers, the inner layer, and the outer layer. Most of the outside is polyester mesh for sun protection, and the inside is generally made of a material that is not easy to absorb moisture, which is convenient for perspiration. Generally, black cloth has higher protection against ultraviolet rays than other colors.

The materials of the fishing jerseys are different, and the specific functions are also different. When we choose, we match them according to our own needs and the specific purpose of the fishing wears. If you want to know more about fishing wears after reading the above content, you can contact us for professional consultation and detailed solutions.

As a professional manufacturer of customized sportswear, we have accumulated many years of manufacturing experience in this field. We have a strong R&D department and use specific functional fabrics to provide customers with excellent quality products. Our flexible production line and professional design team can also provide corresponding customized services according to customer needs. If you want to buy our high-quality fishing wears, please contact us immediately!

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