6 Tips For Cleaning Cycling Clothes Correctly

The high-quality cycling clothes use high-tech Lycra fabrics and breathable mesh knitted fabrics to ensure comfort during riding. But usually, the price of this kind of cycling clothing will be more expensive. To ensure that your cycling clothes can be kept in good condition, please take the following measures when washing them.

Use subtle loops-machine wash

Hand wash and machine wash mainly depend on personal preference. Many people think that machine washing will damage the fabric structure, but in fact, as long as you use subtle cycles, there may not be much difference between the two methods. But be aware that the regular or heavy settings on the washing machine may damage delicate fabrics.

Wash your clothes separately

Don’t wash your cycling clothes with the clothes you usually wear and don’t put all your cycling equipment (riding tops and cycling pants) together. Wash the dark and white cycling clothes separately to prevent the clothes from being stained.

Zip up the cycling jacket

When you wash cycling jerseys or any other clothing with zippers, make sure to zip them up. Because the opened zipper will tear other clothes in the washing machine, in order to avoid this, it is also a good idea to turn the jersey over.

Stick to basic detergents

Do not use soap with perfume or dyes. You can try using soaps made specifically for sportswear, such as detergents designed for washing cycling clothes, but this is not required. Buy the most basic detergent you can find so that you can minimize damage to the fabric’s fibers.

Add your clothes, fill the washing machine with water, and mix in your detergent last. This will keep residue from clogging up your high-performance fabrics, which are designed to wick away moisture and keep you cool when you sweat.

Rinse multiple times with cold water

Use cold or warm water instead of hot water to wash clothes. If you still see soap after the rinse cycle, rinse the clothes again in cold water. This will ensure that no residue is left.

Hang Dry

The dryer can be a dangerous place for high-performance fabrics. To get the most life out of your cycling clothing, hang dry instead of using the dryer. If you’re hand washing your clothes, try this trick: Spread out a large towel and place one garment at a time right in the middle. Fold the edges so that the garment is covered.

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