6 Considerations For Choosing Basketball Uniforms

As indispensable equipment for basketball sports, basketball uniforms must have the function of tearing resistance on the basis of ensuring lightness and breathability. Therefore, when we choose, we must pay attention to the following six items.

1. Don’t choose cotton for the fabric

When starting a basketball uniform, look at the composition of the fabric. Cotton is not recommended. Cotton-based underwear is more suitable for daily wear because it feels good to the touch, but it is far inferior to polyester fabrics in absorbing and wicking perspiration.

2. It would be better without printing

There are many kinds of printing on basketball jerseys. Be cautious if the printed parts are glued because after washing several times, it is easy to find the patterns sticking together when they are taken out of the washing machine. Of course, if the printing part is handled well, the addition of printing will enrich the elements of the basketball uniform.

3. It’s better to wear a larger size appropriately than to fit perfectly

When playing ball, the range of movements is relatively large, and fitting clothes may not be comfortable to wear after playing for an hour and a half. However, wearing too loosely will also affect the movement (the hem will easily interfere with the dribbling movement under the crotch and in front of the body), and it is more comfortable if it is loose. But you can’t pursue too loose, but it seems cumbersome. It is enough for the waist to put down a basketball or so so that the athlete will not play improperly because of being too tight or close to the body during basketball.

4. Look at the weave, sparse mesh is better than dense mesh

The weave method is related to the first point, the same fabric, the weave method is more loose and breathable.

In addition, the seams on the inside of the basketball uniform also directly affect the wearing experience. Sweat and vigorous exercise can easily rub the skin at some joints.

5. Look at the tailoring, although the vest is simple, the tailoring also need exquisite

For the amount of sweat in different parts of the body, tailoring is also particular. The simplest vest is a material on the front and back. If you are a little bit particular about it, you will use large mesh or ultra-thin breathable fabric to separate the sweat-permeable area on the back and the sides of the body (under the armpits).

In view of the actions required for basketball sports, basketball vests can actually be tailored for sports, such as the width of the shoulders and whether they are self-cultivation. Different businesses have different understandings of this part and their sampling methods are also different.

6. More resistant to tearing

Playing basketball is a relatively vigorous sport. In a basketball game, athletes will have many playing positions. If the uniform is not resistant to tearing, it will easily hinder the athlete’s performance. Therefore, choosing a basketball uniform that is more resistant to tearing can determine the performance of the athletes and even the entire team.

Choosing a high-quality basketball uniform can make us keep the best state in basketball. If you want to learn more about basketball uniforms after reading the above, you can contact us for a more comprehensive solution.

As a professional manufacturer of customized sportswear, we have accumulated many years of design and production experience in this field. We use high-quality materials and establish a complete quality management system to conduct a comprehensive inspection of the products. We also have a flexible production line and can provide corresponding customized services according to your needs. If you want to buy our basketball uniforms, please contact us immediately!

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