How To Properly Clean And Maintain Football Uniforms

The materials and workmanship of football uniforms are very sophisticated, so we have to pay attention to many things when cleaning and maintaining them. The following is the specific method of cleaning and maintaining football uniforms.

Football Uniform Cleaning

When washing soccer wear, you should not throw them into the washing machine casually. Instead, you should wash them by hand: Put the jerseys in lukewarm water, add an appropriate amount of washing powder and soak for about 10 minutes, then turn the clothes over and wash them by hand.

In the process of washing, it is best not to use too much force, and pay more attention to washing the inner layer of the jersey. After all, it is the place to absorb sweat and it is easier to produce stains. Rinse with cold water a few times after washing.

It should be noted that usually, the customized soccer jersey purchased by the fans are basically fan-version uniforms. If a fan buys a particularly expensive player-version uniform (the same as the player’s game), there are some inner layers of the player-version uniform. The color is relatively dark (for example, AC Milan’s home jersey last season), and the color will fade during the first washing. This is normal, and there is no doubt that the jersey is parallel. As long as you do not put the clothes together with other lighter-colored clothes when washing them.

Maintenance of Football Uniforms

  • Strictly follow the washing water label for cleaning and care. It is not suitable to be exposed to the sun, it is easy to fade, and the fiber ages quickly.
  • The printed part should not be scrubbed hard, it is easy to fall off. Wash dark and light-colored clothes separately to avoid staining.
  • Soccer uniform is worn close to the body. It is recommended to wash the upper body once after purchase to remove some residues from the dyeing process on the clothes.
  • Products that are easily deformed, such as knitted fabrics, should be laid flat after washing, and should not be hung by gravity.
  • Clothes need to be washed and dried before storage, otherwise, the fibers will break easily and lose wear resistance.
  • The football jerseys should be cleaned in time after use. Do not leave or soak for a long time to avoid fiber damage.

Correct cleaning and maintenance of football uniforms are not only beneficial to our health, but also prolongs the life cycle of football uniforms. If you still have doubts about cleaning and maintaining football jerseys after reading the above methods, you can also contact us to get the corresponding solutions, and we can also provide you with related customized services.

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